The semi manual way of getting bouncy icons on easy mode

ATM script is itself made of two bash scripts and depends on imagemagick and gtkdialog . However in case someone who doesnt want to install the or use the script to change themes and wallpaper, there is another way to get the bouncy icons working.This method doesnt require gtkdialog but will require imagemagick .Please note bouncy mode only changes the icons for AsusSilver theme

getting the bouncy icons
  1. it is recommended you make a backup copy of /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher/ directory if you are planning to change the icon modes
  2. install imagemagick (the version i am using is 7: and is preferable)
  3. download the tar.gz and extract it( i will assume you have extracted it to /home/user)
  4. do the following in terminal:
. /home/user/
set -x #so that you dont get bored as this takes time

removing the bouncy mode using libthemechanger

if you dont like the icon mode and you havent deleted the script yet do the following in a terminal:
. /home/user/
set -x
if you have made the backup of /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher then just restore from the backup

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